Meet the Model



I'm Michaela and this is my story.

Growing up I was never an average size. I was always the tallest in my class and almost always the curviest. Because I never saw girls who looked like me in the media, I thought there was something wrong with me. Being a part of the body positive movement has allowed me to turn the tables and be the representation I needed as a young girl and young woman. I was lucky enough to have parents who never once let me believe I was anything less than perfect. The minute I would start to doubt myself, they would say "You were made in God's image, you are beautiful, and you don't need to change a THING!” Of course, body positivity isn't always easy every day, and self-acceptance comes with its own challenges. It's absolutely a journey I’m still on. However, being a part of this movement and being involved with Your Curve has given me a platform to share my story and hopefully encourage others to wake up every morning and take one step closer to self-love.  

I first got involved with YC when they reached out to me through social media to do a shoot. I loved that they wanted to provide amazing pieces for curvy women that were amazing quality and super stylish! Being a part of the YC family has been such an incredible experience and I'm so excited I can share my journey with you! 

Just some more details about me: I absolutely LOVE all things Disney! There's nothing I love more than sitting down with my fiancé and my little Pomeranian and watching a classic Disney movie. I even got engaged at Disneyland! I have a crazy obsession with dogs, and I need to pet and befriend every dog I see! My dislikes: people who don't smile back, leftovers, and clutter. 

My vision for the curve industry is equal representation for all body types, and to provide a way for everyone to see themselves represented and celebrated in the media. I want everyone to experience the same joy of self-love that I feel!

xo, Michaela